Friday, July 20, 2007

bbbbaby bbbaby

Here's my hottie with hunny, as in hunnybunny. she now laughs and giggles when she sees him, it's amazing to see her enjoy how things make her feel - such a huge emotional leap and great fun to be around.
She also goes the big pash, big slobbered snogs. but she's been practising lip smaking kisses all week and if you give her an extra big schmako kiss, she tries to do it back.
She blew a raspberry on my neck to day, I was in hysterics, she looked bemused, I love this age.
Ok gushy bits over. I hate. . . wait for it, wait for it....
they are nasty self serving cunts. Can we swear here? can the adults please swear? good. ARSE

Monday, June 25, 2007


Today's film was Ocean's 13 or 14 or something. It was ok. Bella did a huge smelly poo half way through the movie. enough said...

Monday, June 18, 2007


The more I'm around some people, the more I like my dog. I just can't get that saying out of my head at the minute...

p.s. people suck. flats suck. sydney weather sucks

p.p.s shouldn't complain really. monday is mumsnbubs at the local cinema. i watched shrek 3

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blotchy Bubba

My baby has had her first childhood illness. Rubella. Is it just me that thinks it's funny that Bella has Rubella? She could catch no other. it just had to be. blotchy blotchy bella. booo

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some people freak me out

I use this website all the time that is basically a bunch of parents
sharing their experiences of child raising to help each other and I just had
to share this with other people. This woman wrote in that her normally
happy 2 month old daughter was fighting the boob and fussing and
crying and whatnot, asking us if we'd experienced the same and what we did about it. well this is what one woman wrote"

She's greedy! All is well, she is greedy and sleepy and wanting to get her
way all at the same time. They don't develop a demeanor, they come here with one. Keep your eye on her, she is a go getter. . . Just evaluate her actions and start to make note of what type of day she has when this occurs, and ask God what you should do to help her. He always knows the right answers. A guess as to why she is doing this will not help you right now, you need to use your mother powers and put it to work. You will know what to do. She loves you, she is just a Diva already, watch her as she develops and get it in check. You must be the only official Diva in the house, and never let her see you sweat. They use sweat as a weapon. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids during and after nursing. And get some suggestions on some alternative feeding methods that include nursing. You can make her some food, get her hooked on the healthy stuff and it will always be easy to give her a piece of fruit instead of taking her to McDonalds.

She's a DIVA? a diva? a 2 month old child is a greedy diva? fuck me ragged. i
never knew. SHE"S A FREAK"N BABY!!!!! Ask god what to do? jeezuz freaking
christ. i can't write, my knuckles have gone white... I need a coffee (sound
of chair being pushed away and kettle being filled)

So i went back and researched this god botherer and indeed, it gets worse. A
woman writes in that her son has a fever, is lethargic and his pulse is racing, what should she do? (der....) and this is the woman's response:

Acknowledge him in all thy ways and he shall direct thy path. We
want to take the best care of our children, so we must stay calm. I can
only say this after #3. I don't get frantic anymore and call the doctor. I assess the situation and ask myself what would the doctor say? Have I tried to see if the fever will break? Have I administered anything to aid in the process? A luke warm bath. Just recently my 8 year old had a fever of 106 almost 107. I took a deep breath, ran a luke warm bath, gave her some motrin, and began to meditate on the goodness of God, I began to sing praises unto his name and before I knew it the fever broke.Now when you take them to the doctor, they tell you about these things called a "virus".Never knowing what caused it, and having nothing to give them to make it go away. I feel your pain and desire to help your child. Just always remember if you ever need God he is right there, ready to do whatever you ask him(If you have put some time in with him)he can do exceedingly and abundantly above that you can ask or think. Your child belongs to God and while you have the pleasure of partaking in his or her life, know that no matter what God is in control. Let him know that you know this by always consulting him, and abiding in his loving arms. That is what Jesus Christ died for.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ok. ok. ok. Is she not just the cutest? now that's out of the way let's get onto the more pressing issues. Things that annoyed me today.

1. People who take lifts to go 1 floor and look at you like you're satan's dance partner. I have a goddam pram - with a baby in it! I need the lift. You are a lazy sodding twisted testicle! I get to go in the lift before you, you lazy snot nosed thoughtless breath of carbuncle.

2. The person who comes and sits NEXT to you when there are 100 other empty seats. FUCK OFF and find your own mates.

3. Old ladies who insist on telling you about their grandchildren. Now, it's cute that old ladies always want to say hello to the baby. I love that. Old people and babies are a perfect match in many many ways. But I am not interested in a 25 minute story about your 7 year old grand daughters birthday and her mothers inability to have a relationship with the father or how your sister decided not to have children and at 60 still doesn't regret it OR your opinions on the use of the dummy....

Ok. to balance these out i'll have to tell you about the gorgeous old man who helped me get my pram up some goofy sydney stairs and how the guy who owns the coffee shop loves Bella and says she makes him feel like having another baby. And how the sun shone down today and Bella and I had lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cute huh? Well at 3 am this morning, i thought 'yeah, she's cute' and then at 4.30 am i thought, 'Bloody Hell Bella' too early for a feed and at 5.20 this morning i thought 'ok, i'll feed you' then at 6 am i thought 'ComeON!' I just fed you why aren't you asleep? then at 6.30 I thought ' this is bloody crap Bella' and I got myself out of my bed AGAIN and began my day. Minx